Complaints and Appeals

AICB Complaints and Enquiries Process

AICB is committed to providing good quality services to candidates involved in the IPMA 4-L-C Certification process and recognises the value of complaints as an important tool in monitoring member satisfaction. The process uses a four stage approach to complaint handling:

  1. Receipt
  2. Acknowledgment
  3. Assessment planning and investigation
  4. Response

Our policy is to deal with all enquiries and complaints in a professional and timely manner. AICB will work with both the complainant/s and respondent/s to establish a resolution that is fair to all parties and accurately reflects our codes and guidelines.

Making an Enquiry

All enquiries received will be reviewed by the AICB Manager. Where an enquiry is successfully resolved, it will be reviewed in accordance with the AICB Continuous Improvement process.

Should an enquiry not be resolved, it shall be treated as a complaint in accordance with this procedure.

Laying a Complaint

Anyone can lodge a complaint against AICB or its officers who are allegedly in breach of AICB’s Code of Professional Conduct. Complaints can also be made against the Institute’s programs, products and services.

The complaint must:

  1. Be in writing
  2. Clearly explain the circumstances that gave rise to the complaint
  3. Provide evidence to support the allegations
  4. Include the complainant’s full name and contact details; and
  5. Include all documentation relating to the allegations.

A complaints form is available by emailing and requesting a form to be sent via return email.

The completed complaints form must be lodged by:

1. Mail, Courier or by Hand addressed to: The AICB MANAGER, AICB National Office,  Level 23, 100 Miller Street, North Sydney NSW 2060; or

2. Email:

The complainant will be asked to provide additional information if there is not enough material submitted with this form to provide a clear understanding of the issues.

Complaints will be initially assessed by the AICB Manager and categorised according to the complaint’s severity, safety implication, complexity, impact, and the need and possibility of immediate action or reference to Governance review.

AICB will acknowledge the complaint within three (3) working days of receipt of complaint.

Resolution of Complaint

Following an appropriate investigation, AICB will advise the complainant, as soon as it can, the action or decision taken in regards to the complaint. AICB will also take actions to prevent similar complaints occurring in the future.

Resolution will be sought within 14 working days of receiving the complaint, where this does not require further action or further governance review.

Should the Complainant be dissatisfied with the review of the complaint, they can request the issue be reviewed by the AIPM CEO in accordance with the AIPM Complaints Policy.

Dismissal of Complaint

The AICB Manager may dismiss a complaint on the grounds that the complaint is

  • Vexatious
  • Frivolous
  • Misconceived
  • Lacking substance; or
  • The respondent’s actions did not amount to Improper Conduct.

If the complaint is dismissed, the AICB MANAGER shall advise the complainant in writing.

For more details regarding the complaints process, as described in AICB Complaints and Enquiries Process document, please contact the AICB at


An applicant who is not accepted into the certificate process, a candidate who fails the initial certification process or a recertification candidate who has been denied renewal of the certificate can file an appeal to the AICB. The only person entitled to lodge an appeal is the person concerned. Applicants have 30 days from receipt of advice from AICB in which to lodge an appeal to the AICB Manager.

The appeal must clearly provide the following:

  1. The specific grounds on which the appeal is being made;
  2. All relevant supportive documentation demonstrating why the appellant feels that the AICB decision is in error and should be reconsidered.

Provided the grounds of appeal meet the criteria above, the AICB Manager will send acknowledgement of the receipt of the appeal and will request that the candidate pay a $250 Appeal Fee before the process can commence. The fee covers the cost of engaging an Independent Lead Assessor to review the appeal, as well as administration costs. This fee is fully refunded if the appeal is upheld.

Within 30 days of the receipt of an appeal the AICB Manager will advise the appellant of the decision. If the original decision stands and the appellant is dissatisfied with the outcome of the review, the appellant can request that it be reviewed by the AICB Appeals Committee and an Appeals Hearing.

The Appeal Committee Chair and the appellant will organise a mutually agreeable date and time of the Appeal Hearing and will notify the Chair SMC in writing thirty (30) days prior to the Hearing date;

The Appeal Hearing shall be held within sixty (60) days of the referral from the Chair SMC.

The Appeal Hearing will be via teleconference

The AICB will inform the appellant of the outcome of the Appeal Hearing within fifteen (15) days after the hearing.

For more details regarding the appeals process, as described in Administrative Process for Appeals document, please contact the AICB at